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5 unique places to visit on the islands of Venice

2023-05-30 20:08

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The Devil's Bridge in Venice in the article about islands to visit

What are the places to visit on the islands of the Venice lagoon? Let's discover the top 5 and absolutely not to be missed!

The Devil's Bridge in Venice

Last time we looked at the five must-visit destinations in Venice. Although by nature the city is built on many small islands, it has some larger ones that testify to its centuries-old history with monuments and places to visit.

Here then are five islands we have selected for you, with a must-see destination for each, although the advice is to take a little more time and visit them all. On Audiogiro you will find several dedicated audio guides for each island, but in the meantime, here are our five recommendations!


Burano is a picturesque island of 2,270 inhabitants spread over four different islands in the Venetian lagoon, known for its handmade lacework and typical colourful houses. The Church of St. Martin, located on the island, is famous for its leaning bell tower, which has made it the symbol of Burano.


The island of Murano maintained its autonomy until the time of Napoleon, when it was recognised as an autonomous municipality including Sant'Erasmo and le Vignole. However, in 1923 it was abolished and merged with the municipality of Venice. The Glass Museum, founded in 1861, is a valuable testimony to the history of Murano glass. The initial plan was to create an archive to collect documents and testimonies on the life of the island, but it soon turned into a museum collection, thanks to numerous donations of glass produced over the centuries.


Torcello was once one of the first islands in the lagoon to be inhabited. Today it is an archaeological and landscape jewel that was recovered in the mid-19th century. The island is easy to visit and has only a dozen or so inhabitants who earn their living mainly through tourism. The Devil's bridge is a very characteristic bridge, like the Ponte Chiodo in Cannaregio. It has no parapet and was built in the traditional style of old Venetian bridges. The bridge is connected to a legend, which is definitely disturbing...

San Lazzaro degli Armeni

Saint Lazarus is a small island in the Venice lagoon. It houses a monastery that serves as the mother house of the Mekhitarist Order and has been an important Armenian cultural centre since the 18th century, although its history is much older.

San Giorgio Maggiore

In the 8th-9th century, following the foundation of a small wooden church dedicated to San Giorgio, the island took the name Maggiore, to distinguish it from the island of San Giorgio in Alga. Today, the island is home to the Sports Centre of Excellence of the Compagnia della Vela of Venice and the Vittore Branca residence, as well as the Glass Rooms of the Cini Foundation.

This short itinerary to discover the islands of the Venetian lagoon ends here... but you have over 70 audioguides at your disposal, in Italian and English.

Start your journey from here and explore one of the world's most famous cities with Audiogiro!



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