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Audiogiro B2B: services and benefits

2024-02-08 17:42

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Audiogiro B2B

We support cultural organisations and businesses through a vast ecosystem of services, employing qualified, professional personnel.

Services B2B

Audiogiro is a company that operates in several fields. As a team, we aim to offer our users the most complete experience possible through immersive audio narratives of cities, monuments, natural attractions, museums and local curiosities.


Our core, however, goes beyond the mere exercise of recording and maintaining the software part (the platform hosting all content, In fact, we support cultural organizations and businesses through a vast ecosystem of services, employing qualified, professional personnel who are attentive to the needs of the individual.


Production of audioguides and customised interfaces


Our system provides totally free membership of the network, with the possibility of uploading one's own audio guides (cleaned at the editing stage) within a web app that also works offline. For those seeking a turnkey service, we produce multilingual audio guides and customized interfaces, as well as supporting cultural organizations in the production of graphics designed ad hoc for the promotion of individual brands. A simple and effective voucher system is also available for those who wish to distribute audioguides for a fee. These can be sold directly at the ticket office and only require the user to scan the QR Code printed on the ticket. In this case, the visitor will have a ready-to-use profile with the minutes of listening time corresponding to the purchase, without the need to open an account or associate a payment method.



Accessibility and digitization


Upon request, we accompany and assist cultural institutions and corporate entities in the processes of adapting their information systems to accessibility, designing solutions that can be extended at various levels and experienced in an inclusive manner. We also provide advice and support for all corporate digitization processes.



Promotion and communication


Audiogiro aims to be a unique cultural channel, with all the advantages of a network, but without detracting from the importance of individual realities. Within the circuit, we give great communicative and promotional attention to the brands that are part of it, but we also study and set up tailor-made omnichannel marketing strategies for companies and cultural realities.



Cataloguing and archiving


Last but not least, a dedicated team is available to catalogue, archive and digitize archival and library assets.


Would you like to have a no-obligation chat with us? Contact us for a free consultation and find out how we can help your organization grow!





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