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Why a guide should partner with Audiogiro?

2023-05-06 18:23

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Guide explaining to tourists in the article why guides should join Audiogiro

Why should a professional guide join our service? Discover all the advantages you can get!

Guide explaining to tourists in the article why guides should join Audiogiro

One of Audiogiro's founding ideas was to propose quality content. Quality that was not only technical, but also and above all 'concrete'. The abundance of material available from verified sources and the possibility of hiring 'beautiful voices' for the narration of the audioguides was a tempting path, also because it was the one most beaten by the main competitors. But we wanted to raise the bar even higher, by involving the real professionals in the sector, i.e. licensed guides. For this reason, in addition to museums, the core of our project revolves around these professionals, who can join our portal with an unprecedented formula. Let's discover it together.

Is participation free? Absolutely!

Let's start with the most important thing: participation in Audiogiro is absolutely free. We are very keen to specify this, because often the term 'free' hides tiny asterisks that ultimately translate into hidden costs. We have no asterisks: membership is totally free. There is, however, a cost: we know that this phrase seems contradictory, but in the spirit of transparency that we want to emphasise in every area of our activity, we always reiterate this to guides who want to join. The cost is. the time the guide spends producing and recording the audioguides. As cultural operators, we are well aware that time is the most precious thing, but precisely for this reason we have come up with several solutions.

There are no production rhythms

If you join Audiogiro, you will not be asked for a number of audioguides to be produced, nor a time frame. You can produce as much and when you want, without any rush. Of course, more audioguides will result in more visibility, but this can be done step by step, without necessarily becoming an 'assembly line’.

Recording audio guides with us is very easy

All you need is a smartphone and a computer with which to upload your audio guides to our portal. No complicated registration procedures or special requirements. All you have to do is use "VOZ", a free app available in all stores, set the .WAV format for the recording and off you go! On our website you can find a dedicated tutorial with all the instructions, specially drawn up by a professional sound engineer, for a truly professional recording. Once you have produced your audio guide, you can upload it in total autonomy on our portal, inserting image and description. After that, all you have to do is wait... for our work! Yes, because each track is evaluated by our editing studio, cleaned, optimised and finally published. This whole process obviously has costs, but these are not borne by the guide, but entirely by us. We prefer to invest in the quality of our 'suppliers' and optimise their work, rather than resort to low-cost solutions.

We make the guide an integral part of the project

What does this mean? Simple: all guides that produce with us receive visibility on all our channels. For one thing, all audio guides on our portal are linked to their public profile, which contains photos and descriptions, so users will always know who they are listening to. Furthermore, the guides are the stars on our social channels and also on this blog, where they can give interviews, insights into their work and much more. What's more, guides who join become part of our virtual community and receive an internal newsletter dedicated to all the latest news on the web app and special promotional initiatives that interest them or the areas where they operate. No spam, just useful information to make the most of it.

The more languages, the better!

We are not just talking about audioguides in Italian. Audiogiro is a multilingual platform and guides are free to produce and record in as many languages as they wish. Not only that, but their profile can also be configured in multilingual, with a description and presentation audio track, in order to best present themselves to foreign users.

Only licensed tour guides? Not at all!

Our portal is also open to environmental, hiking, mountain, nature, volcanological, etc. guides. All these figures are welcome to supplement and expand the Audiogiro offer.

You can register on our portal as a guide here or write to us for more details at [email protected]. We are waiting for you!



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