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On February 9th, Audiogiro hit the track!

2023-02-09 15:39

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A rocket takes off and represents the beginning of the Audiogiro project

On 9 February Audiogiro became fully operational. Our project is off and pointing to Italy!

A rocket takes off and represents the beginning of the Audiogiro project

On February 9th, 2023, the Audiogiro web app became fully operational. For weeks, the editing staff had been uploading the audioguides produced by our certified guides, but they were not yet accessible to users. When the CTO informed us that we were online, we all felt a bit of excitement. Of course, we are only at the first step compared to the many we intend to take, but up to that point, all of our efforts were focused on achieving that first goal: providing users with a functional platform and guides with a system capable of accommodating their content.

Our Idea of an Audioguide Provider

Audiogiro is extremely young, but in just a few months, we have been able to develop an operational software platform and create the first circuit of guides who adhere to our service. The first thanks go to them, who believed in the project when it was still in its infancy and gave us confidence for the future. A future that, as we have often stated, does not see us in opposition to professional guides but side by side to enhance their work, reach new markets, and be known by a more smart and less inclined to "traditional visits" user base. The Italian cultural heritage is vast and undervalued: we have decided to join forces with professionals in the sector because they know how to tell its story best.

Our idea of an audioguide

There are all kinds of audioguides: read by automated voices or interpreted by professional narrators, free or paid. We want to offer our idea of an audioguide, which is the opportunity to listen to the wonders of Italy through the voice of those who accompany people, guide them, and make them feel the emotion of "knowing" things professionally. All of this at a small price that often does not do justice to the enormous amount of work behind it. But culture, as we know, is also a spirit of sacrifice. Our mission is to grow and bring more and more people to know this type of content because if there is one thing that will always amaze, it is our country, Italy.

From here, the idea of this small editorial space arises, where we will announce and illustrate the news of our service, but also the contributions and information that guides will want to share.

See you soon!

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